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This agreement was last updated October 7th, 2022.

This is an agreement between the app known as Watchla, referred to in this document as “The App”, which is owned by Villegas Ventures LLC, referred to in this document as “The Owner", and the user in Watchla, referred to in this document as “The User”. In this document the words “The Account” is used to reference the Tesla, Inc. account that The User has with Tesla, Inc. In this document Tesla, Inc. may be referred to as “Tesla”. This document shall be followed by all parties where applicable under US and/or local law.

The App, and thus The Owner do not share user data with any third party entities except to verify and/or process necessary information and/or data with Tesla and their API.

Account Credentials, such as an access token and refresh token, may be saved to the user’s device via Apple’s secure Keychain technology. When the user signs out, this data will be erased.

The User’s Tesla account email will not be accessed or saved at any time or event by The App. If the user wishes to use Remote Start in The App (version 2.95 or earlier), then The App will have to send the User’s Tesla account password to Tesla for account verification. This was a past requirement by Tesla for Remote Start and there is no way around this in The App (version 2.95 or earlier). If the User wishes for The App to save their Tesla account Password for easier, faster use of Remote Start (in version 2.95 or earlier), voiding the need to enter a password each time Remote Start is used, the App will secure said password on the User’s device, via Apple’s secure Keychain technology. If the User signs out, the password will be erased from the Keychain and the User will have to repeat the process if they wish to use Remote Start without entering their password each time. Passwords are only saved and used for Remote Start, and Watchla explicitly REFUSES to, And Will Not Under Any Circumstances, Save or Use, or even accept a password for any other purpose other than to verify Remote Start in version 2.95 or earlier of The App.

Data collection: The app retrieves some data from the user and that data can be accessed, stored or saved temporarily. This data is limited to, Tesla account data, given directly from Tesla, Inc that includes but are not limited to: an account token for future secure log in, The User’s vehicle data for the vehicles that are associated with the account, other Tesla products owned by The User and associated with the account, and other data that maybe received pertaining to The User by Tesla. Upon in-app approval by The User, location data of the User’s device for which they are using to access the App can be accessed and temporarily store in The App and sent to Tesla, Inc where appropriate for these purposes only: Access data from Tesla or sending remote vehicle commands or other Tesla product commands that are deemed location data sensitive by Tesla. An example case of this is when The User wishes to use The App to send a command to close the windows in their vehicle. Tesla requires that their location be within a certain physical proximity to the car so that The User can safely oversee the window closing operation. The app also collects some analytics data. This analytics data is not shared with Tesla or any other 3rd parties. The analytics data is subject to but not limited to: error logs, action logs, device info, and anonymized user statuses. This analytics data is non-personalized.

Sign in using Authla: Authla is owned by The Owners of The App, but for the purposes of this agreement a completely separate app than The App (Watchla) and it is subject to its own user agreements and privacy policy. Authla is part of Watchla ecosystem and wholly owned by The Owner and therefore it is a relevant, 1st party app. The User can opt to sign in to Watchla with Authla and as such Watchla may receive authentication data, such as tokens, from Authla via a secure iCloud server that is only accessible by The User. In return Watchla may share sign in status about The User to Authla via the same secure channels.

Commands are sent from The App to Tesla controlled servers—and if applicable—to their intended products, such as a vehicle. Parameters sent to Tesla for the purposes of data retrieval or commands, such as location data, maybe accessed, saved, or temporarily stored by Tesla.

In the event that Tesla servers or The App itself or the communications between Tesla and The App is breached, intercepted or other, The User agrees and understands here forth per this agreement that they cannot hold The App or The Owner liable in anyway, shape or form, and Releases both The Owner and The App of any liability where applicable under US and/or local law. The User understands that they use The App completely at their own risk.